Maternal and Child Health

The Sarpy/Cass Health Department offers a variety of Maternal Child Health Services to our community. Our goals are to promote healthy families, empower parents through education and support, improve breastfeeding success, and develop community connections.

Maternal Child Home Visiting
Maternal child nurses will visit women during pregnancy and postpartum to help get new moms and babies off to the best start possible. Our program uses a curriculum called Growing Great Kids™, which is a strengths-based approach to developing a nurturing parent-child relationship essential to early childhood development. The curriculum includes child development activities, as well as family-centered modules that can be chosen to best meet individual families’ goals.

Breastfeeding Support Services
Our Maternal Child Health Nurses are Certified Lactation Counselors with experience helping many women successfully breastfeed. Lactation support is available via individual in-office consultation, community breastfeeding support groups, and workplace lactation support programs. Breastfeeding has been shown to provide numerous benefits, both to babies who are breastfed and to their mothers.

Several federal and Nebraska laws exist regarding worksite lactation.  You can access the federal law and Nebraska state law here.  For a sample worksite policy supporting breastfeeding employees, click here.  If your business in already a breastfeeding-friendly place to work, you can nominate yourself for the Breastfeeding-Friendly Business Award given by the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition.  Access their website here to get started.  The Maternal Child Health Nurses at the Sarpy/Cass Health Department are happy to answer any questions you have about supporting breastfeeding in the workplace.”

Classes and Community Education
Education and support on a variety of pregnancy- and parenting-related topics is available through the Sarpy/Cass Health Department's Maternal Child Health program. Common topics include: having a healthy pregnancy, well-child visits and immunizations, breastfeeding benefits, and tobacco-free pregnancy. Classes and presentations can also be developed to meet a range of needs or interests.

The maternal child health program provides support services to families during pregnancy and parenting. Services include:

  • A home visitation program providing support and education from Registered Nurses
  • In-office lactation consultation and breastfeeding assistance
  • Parenting and healthy pregnancy classes
  • Connection to community resources


Maternal Child Services Contact Information
Michelle Leahy, MSN, RN, CLC
Maternal Child Health Nurse
402-339-4334 x 6977
Katie Graves, BSN, RN, CLC
Maternal Child Health Nurse
402-339-4334 x 6973










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